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since June 2023

English Electric Type 3 (later Class 37) is pictured at Newcastle on an unfitted freight with a brake tender leading.  25th September 1968. 
Photo by Graham Neve/Manchester Locomotive Collection.

We are pleased to announce that the Manchester Locomotive Society will once again have a stall at this years Manchester Christmas Model Railway Show. Please note that there is a new venue for this event this year.  It will be held on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th December at the spacious Sugden Sports Centre, Sidney Street, Manchester M1 7HB.
Follow the link for full details.

About the Society

We publish a bi-monthly magazine, 'The Mancunian' which contains interesting and informative articles submitted mainly by members covering a variety of interests such as the history of locomotives  and lines, current events as well as personal reminiscences of the past.  The success of this magazine is reflected by the number of 'out of town members' that we have and the lively correspondence it generates.

An edition of our magazine (September 2022) can be viewed here.

The Society is the proud owner of an extensive and varied collection of books, photographs, and archive material covering locomotives, rolling stock, architecture and signalling. In addition the library has a comprehensive collection of timetables and publications from other societies. All of these are available to members.

If you would like to join then please write (including a S.A.E.) to our Membership Secretary for more information.

MLS Membership Secretary,
26 Alcester Road,
M33 3QP

or email:

Page updated October 11th 2023